Saturday, April 25, 2009

Need some Motviation!!!

It's hot today. In the 80s and very sunny with no clouds. A perfect day for the beach. A perfect day for many outdoor activities. But not so perfect for me for running. I would rather run in a snowstorm than in heat. In fact, I'd rather run in just about any weather condition (except for lightning). But it's hot today. And I must run. I'm scheduled for only 3 miles today and 8 miles tomorrow. Sounds pretty simple given the earlier long runs during my marathon training. But even 1 mile for me in this heat is too much. I had planned to switch the mileage and do 8 today and 3 tomorrow because I have plans tomorrow and I don't want to have to cram everything in. As the day progresses, we'll see what I decide. I'm just kind of living in denial for a few more hours until I have to head out the door...


  1. A- start slowly, the heat is gross to us lovers of the cold-weather runs! I took my run today in the heat very slowly, walked a bit, even on the 3 mile trail outing. One time, a few years ago, I went out and ran like it was 50 degrees or something...when it was actually 80-something...and came home to throw up. YAY. take it slowly. Best to skip a shorter run if you have to cram/rush it. You've done the training. You are ready!

  2. Thanks, Trail Pixie! I got your message after my run; however, I must have had a premonition of your advice as I followed it even before I read it! :) I went slowly and stopped to walk a couple of times. I hydrated often with a combo of Gatorade and water, and I consumed 3 electrolyte pills. I am definitely a bit dehydrated (according to the color of my urine!) but otherwise okay. Happy running to YOU!