Thursday, March 5, 2009

Half Marathon Co-Curricular

This semester I am facilitating a co-curricular entitled "13.1 and Done: Half Marathon Training." I work at a college where faculty and staff can share their hobbies through the co-curricular program; these "classes" appear on a student's academic transcript but they don't get academic credit for them. There are about 17 students in this co-curricular, most of whom have never run a half marathon before. We meet weekly on Thursdays for about 30-40 minutes to talk about training, share tips, discuss road conditions (snow/ice), and generally talk about running. I provided the students with a training schedule from Hal Higdon's web site, and most of them have been following it fairly closely. Some are in the novice program, some in the intermediate program, and some advanced. Today we had a meeting and realized that we are just over one month from our goal race: Sunday, April 5th. I am getting really excited for the students!!! They even designed a shirt for all of us to wear that has our names on the back of it. It will be a wonderful day to see them accomplish their goal.

I must admit I spent at least the first five minutes of today's meeting complaining about my broken Garmin watch. This is the second Garmin watch that has broken on me, and I have now spent a total of almost 400 dollars on watches that have broken. That is a TON of money for me!!! (for most people!) I am hoping REI will understand and give me a new one or at least return this one to Garmin to fix. I don't want to buy a new one as I don't have the money and also because of the principle of it. Yet I have become SO reliant on this tool; the most important thing it does is track my distance and pace. I never have to plot out a run ahead of time to figure out the distance because my Gamin always does (did) it for me. And it's helpful to know my pace to see where I'm at. We'll see what happens!

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