Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Squeezing in Training

So I have had a busy week and it will continue to be busy until the weekend. What I hate is trying to fit my training into a busy schedule. Yesterday I had a 4 miler on my schedule; obviously to us marathon runners this is a VERY short run and shouldn't take very long (for me I plan for 45 minutes so that I can account for getting stopped at lights, slowing down if I need to, etc.) My nephew Shane had a basketball game in Milton, MA at 6:30. I get out of work at 5:00. It takes about 40 minutes to get to Milton from work in rush hour traffic. And I need to shower after I run because I am always soaked in sweat. You do the math! It doesn't add up. So what I did was leave work about 15 minutes early (4:45), go on the run, and then take a VERY quick shower (luckily my office building has a shower). I didn't even have much time to dry my hair but I made an effort because it was around 20 degrees outside!! The traffic was bad and I got to the game about 10 minutes late. Better late than never!

Today's dilemma is that I have an 8 mile run to complete and I have a dinner at 6:00 for work (meeting at 5:45). So the "easy" thing to do would be to do the 8 miles tomorrow and do Thursday's run today (4 miles). will still require me to leave work early and take a shower before the dinner. AND...I don't have time for an 8 mile run on Thursday because Shane has another basketball game at 6:30. (This is likely the last game of the season). So you see my dilemma!

I know that many of you smart people reading will ask why I don't just get up early and run before work? Then you might remember that I cannot get up early for almost anything. Getting up early to run is just not an option for me. Running at lunchtime would be an option except that FOUR out of the five days of the work week I have a meeting at lunch time for work! This is why I don't feel so bad leaving early to run on some days...because I don't really get a "proper" lunch break. I think what I will do on Thursday is take an extra long late lunch and do the 8 miles then. Then I can stay at work a little late and still get to the game in time.

Not all weeks are this crazy...I'll be glad when this one is over!!!

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