Tuesday, March 10, 2009

slow day

Today I was scheduled for a 5 mile run and I had to run at lunchtime. Today is my nephew’s birthday so I am going to his house right after work to celebrate. I baked two batches of brownies last night; we’ll probably have dinner and then brownies with ice cream. I got him two small gifts: a baseball and a baseball trivia game. His basketball season just ended and baseball is beginning so I thought they were appropriate gifts.

Anyway, back to my run. I decided to head out a different way from normal; I originally planned to go out 2.5 miles and then back the same route. But while out on this adventurous run, I discovered the route had lots of hills! And I don’t like hills. J So I decided an “out and back” approach would not be good because I didn’t want to deal with so many tough hills. If my marathon was a hilly course I might have pushed through (though probably not) but the marathon I am training for is flat. (Now I know you runners out there would tell me that hill training is “good for me” even if the marathon is flat. I don’t think I will ever CHOOSE to run hills even though I’m sure that is true.) So I just kind of ran around and hoped that the route would bring me back to my starting point at around the 5 mile mark. It did.

The tough part was how slow I was. Now, I always say I’m a “slower runner” to begin with but today was even worse. In fact, my pace was even slower than the pace I had during my 17 mile run on Sunday!!! The only thing I can attribute it to is that I am still recovering from the 17 mile run and my muscles are just not fully recovered. I was definitely feeling it in my muscles Sunday night and yesterday. We’ll see how things go during the 8 mile run I have scheduled for Wednesday. I will be able to run after work but it’s supposed to be pouring rain and in the mid 40s. I’ll take that over an 80 degree day any time!

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