Sunday, March 8, 2009

a new running experience

Today I experienced something new: I completed a long run with someone else! I had never wanted to do a long run with anyone else because I'm kind of on the slow side (especially on long runs) and I like to be able to slow down and stop when I want to, and I didn't want to put anyone else through that. But a friend of mine from one of my running clubs knew all of that and wanted to run with me anyway! What a sweetheart. We ended up running 17 miles which were mostly on the Boston Marathon route and we saw many other runners out there today. The weather was beautiful! In the low 50s, sunny, but with a bit too much wind. I wore shorts and a long sleeved shirt as well as my Red Sox hat! :) Somehow during the second half of the run I stopped my Garmin watch so I didn't get our exact pace but I had a good idea of what we ran because I checked our pace at the halfway point. And since we did an out and back, I know we did at least 17 miles. Woo hoo!

So what was it like completing a long run with someone else? Pretty good! My friend is just a bit faster than me on long runs so I didn't feel like I was really slowing her down. Plus, she was only scheduled for 15, so I tried to convince her that a slow 17 was like a faster 15. :) And she stops on occasion to fix her shoe and/or stretch, so I was able to run ahead a few times knowing that she would catch back up with me fairly quickly. I enjoyed listening to everything that she had to say, which helped to pass the time....but I couldn't talk much myself. I need all of my strength and energy for my running and find that I just can't spare much energy for talking! I felt badly about that but she is so laid-back I am sure she didn't care.

I think the best part was when we made our final stop for fluids, less than a mile to the "finish." I told my friend that we were turning right on Hereford and that Boylston St. was up ahead. (For those of you who don't know, those are the final two turns before the Boston Marathon finish line). It was fun to think about our approach to the finish line, and to celebrate once we "crossed" it. (Really, we just ran past by condo and declared oursleves finished.)

My friend left to go home and shower/rest. I quickly showered and went out for a Big Mac, something I only allow myself after a very long run. I think I might trying to do a long run with her or someone else in the future. It was better than I expected....much better!

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